Ask John: ‘Am I Able To be both gay and a Christian? ‘

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Ask John: ‘Am I Able To be both gay and a Christian? ‘

N. John Shore Jr. (Picture: Thanks To N. John Shore Jr. )

Dear John: I’m gay, but in addition a powerful Christian. My major objective in life is become just as much like Christ when I may be.

I’m struggling with all the social individuals around me personally. My loved ones, in particular, believes that most homosexual folks are likely to hell. I simply don’t genuinely believe that the Bible claims anywhere that being homosexual immediately means you’re going to hell. It is maybe perhaps not being gay that is incorrect; it is making love outside of marriage and participating in unhealthy intimate behavior that’s wrong.

I assume my concern to you personally is: how is it possible him, and still be a Christian for me to have a gay relationship with another man, marry?

Then i want to move past this as best I can if that’s not possible. But we also don’t want to feel just like I’m lying to myself for the others of my entire life. And we don’t desire to marry a lady after which never be in a position to undoubtedly provide her just what she requires. Read more